The mbira is sometimes described as a telephone to the ancestors, as medicine, and as reason for a party. We are honoured to have this extraordinary combination of celebrated musicians here from Zimbabwe. They are considered masters of their instruments and legends in Shona culture. Mbira DzeNharira is possibly the most significant mbira ensemble in living memory. At the turn of the century, they established a whole new appreciation for mbira music. They are the Konono no.1 of Zimbabwe: they created their own pick-ups to electrify their mbiras, allowing for breakthroughs in instrument manufacture and sound. Mbira DzeNharira advanced a new multi-part vocal style and put traditional mbira ensemble hit tracks on chart-topping pop radio stations in Zimbabwe for the first time in history. Newton Cheza Chozengwa, commonly addressed by his totem name “Matemai” (elephant), is a much sought after master musician, singer and instrument maker. Self-taught, he has developed his own musical style with complex mbira arrangements and a striking voice that can pierce hearts and the heavens. As a young boy, Forward Kwenda began to play ngoma (drums) and hosho (gourd rattles) for his mother’s gombwe (rain-making) spirit. He was given the name “Forward” because of his curiosity about many subjects, enthusiastic involvement in many activities and his singing for liberation war freedom fighters.