'The Rudiments' will get you dancing and leave you singing. Multi-part harmonies are reminiscent of early Jamaican recordings, positive lyrics, and tight grooves. The Rudiments hail from BC’s West Coast. The band’s first EP is entitled Rise and Shine and includes original reggae, dub and ska music. Their sets are always engaging, chalk full of seamless segues, dynamic changes and catchy lyrics. Put on your Dancin' shoes and join the "Rudies" on the dance floor. The Rudiments are Brett Martens, James Emerson, Ted Tanner, Silas Crowe, and Ken Clark.

If you’re a reggae fan, you know Clinton Fearon. Selling out our farm venue to a frenzy of ticket buyers in 2017, we are thrilled to have this internationally –acclaimed artist back. An active songwriter, composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Clinton Fearon is counted among Jamaica's most talented musicians. His infectious bass lines, guitar licks, percussion accents, and powerful vocals make him a living legend among reggae musicians and fans. Born in Jamaica, Clinton became the bassist, vocalist, and lyricist of the legendary band The Gladiators at the age of 19. After moving to Seattle, he formed his own band, the Boogie Brown Band. An active composer and song-writer, Clinton released his new EP Time, this June. Each of Clinton’s songs hold a strong message coming from the heart of a man who is dedicating his artistic talent to help create a better world. With chiseled music and poetic lyrics, he opens reggae to a wide audience who simply love his beautiful songs.